Md Fahim Abrar

Fahim is a Software Engineer, working at AppsCode Inc. He has been involved with Kubernetes project since 2018 and very enthusiastic about Kubernetes and open source in general.


Challenges of Autoscaling Databases in Kubernetes

Summary On 18th May 2022, AppsCode held a webinar on Challenges of Autoscaling Databases in Kubernetes. The key contents of the webinar are: What is a stateful workload? Kubernetes StatefulSet and its features? Why auto-scaling? Advantages? Problem with database horizontal scaling How does KubeDB implement managed horizontal scaling? Challenges of auto-scaling databases using VPA How does KubeDB implement auto-scaling? Auto-scaling architecture. Live demonstration of MongoDB sharded cluster auto-scaling Description of the Webinar Earlier in the webinar, we discussed the stateful workloads.

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Introducing Kubeform v2021.07.28

We have released Kubeform v2021.08.02 with support for additional cloud services. You can find the full list here. To try for FREE, visit our installer webpage. Enjoy! We are happy to announce Kubeform v2021.07.28. This post lists all the changes and features this release brings to you. Kubeform Enterprise Support for Equinix Metal Re-designed the Architecture of Kubeform No Dependency on Terraform CLI Accidental Deletion Protection Update Policy Sensitive Secret Watcher Kubernetes recommended Status conditions Dropped support for Terraform Module What is Kubeform?

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Kubeform - Provision cloud resources using CRDs & Terraform

Kubeform by AppsCode is a Kubernetes operator for Terraform. Kubeform provides auto-generated Kubernetes CRDs for Terraform resources and modules so that you can manage any cloud infrastructure in a Kubernetes native way. You just write a CRD for a cloud infrastructure, apply it and Kubeform will create it for you! Kubeform currently supports 5 top cloud platforms. These are AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Digitalocean and Linode. The key features of Kubeform are:

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