Sahadat Hossain

Sahadat Hossain is a Software Engineer, working at AppsCode Inc. He has been involved with Kubernetes project since 2020 and very enthusiastic about Kubernetes and open source in general.


Introducing Kubeform v2021.10.29

We have an upcoming webinar titled “Introducing Kubeform CLI & Remote Backend” on 10th November 2021, 12:30 PM ET. Register here . We are happy to announce the release of Kubeform v2021.10.29. In this release, we are introducing Kubeform CLI and Remote Backend. This post lists all the changes and features this release brings to you. The detailed changelog can be found here Kubeform Remote Backend Kubeform CLI Kubeform Remote Backend In this release, we have added remote backend support for the Kubeform resources.

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