Sakib Alamin

Sakib Alamin is a Software Engineer, working at AppsCode Inc. He has been involved with Kubernetes project since 2020 and very enthusiastic about Kubernetes and open source in general.


Introducing KubeVault v2021.09.27

We are very excited to announce the release of KubeVault v2021.09.27 Edition. The KubeVault v2021.09.27 contains major rework of the CRDs for self-service mode usage with KubeDB or GitOps use-cases. It makes managing user privileges extremely easy for KubeDB managed databases or any other databases as long as users provide necessary connection information. Install KubeVault KubeVault is a Kubernetes operator for HashiCorp Vault. The Vault is a tool for secrets management, encryption as a service, and privileged access management.

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