Tasdidur Rahman

Tasdidur Rahman is a Software Engineer, working at AppsCode Inc. He has been involved with Kubernetes project since 2021 and very enthusiastic about Kubernetes and open source in general.


MariaDB Alerting and Multi-Tenancy Support by KubeDB

Summary On 16th March 2022, AppsCode held a webinar on “MariaDB Alerting and Multi-Tenancy Support by KubeDB”. Speakers talked about the following contents: MariaDB Alerts Database Server Alerts Galera Clustering Alerts Custom Resource Alerts (MariaDB, MariaDBOpsRequest) Stash Alerts MariaDB Schema Manager Create Database Schema User Management using vault Initialize database from volume source Restore snapshot using stash MariaDB Alerts The webinar is started with showing the workstation where a three node MariaDB Cluster and a Stash backup configuration were running.

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MySQL Read Replica and Multi tenancy Support by KubeDB

Summary On 26th Jan 2020 Appscode held a webinar on “MySQL Read Replica and Multi tanancy Support by KubeDB”. Key contents of the webinars are: MySQL Read Replica Creating and Managing Read Replicas using kubeDB Multi Tenancy Creating and managing Multi Tenant Database Schemas using KubeDB Schema Manager. Description of the Webinar Earlier in the webinar they discuss mysql read replica and configure a KubeDB managed MySQL Instance to Allow Read Replica.

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