JWT/OIDC Auth method & Automation with KubeVault CLI



AppsCode held a webinar on “JWT/OIDC Auth method & Automation with KubeVault CLI”. This took place on 20th July 2022. The contents of what took place at the webinar are given below:

  • VaultServer deployment with JWT/OIDC authentication method
  • Discussion on JWT/OIDC authentication method
  • Automation using KubeVault CLI

Description of the Webinar

This webinar was focused on the JWT/OIDC authentication method with KubeVault, the ins and outs of the KubeVault CLI. Initially the Vault was deployed with JWT/OIDC authentication method enabled & OIDC provider configurations were discussed. It was also shown, how VaultRole can be created to Login to Vault UI using this JWT/OIDC authentication method.

Later on the webinar, various features of KubeVault CLI were discussed, e.g: CRUD operation on Vault root-token & unseal-keys, Approve/Deny/Revoke SecretAccessRequest for managing DB user privileges, generate SecretProviderClass for the secrets-store CSI driver, etc. Overall, it was shown how KubeVault CLI can be very handy while using KubeVault & its CRDs, also automating tedious tasks in general.

A step-by-step guide & the manifest files used during the webinar can be found here.

Take a deep dive into the full webinar below:

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