Monthly Review - May, 2022

Releases Announcing KubeDB v2022.05.24 We are pleased to announce the release of KubeDB v2022.05.24. This post lists all the major changes done in this release since the last release. This release offers some major features like MySQL Semi-Synchronous Replication, MongoDB Arbiter, PGBouncer, MariaDB Schema Manager, ProxySQL, Redesigned Redis, Elasticsearch V8, OpenSearch Dashboard, etc. It also contains various improvments and bug fixes. Link: Introducing Stash v2022.05.18 We are very excited to announce Stash v2022.

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Relicensing Stash & KubeDB

AppsCode is relicening various components of the Stash and KubeDB products. We have decided to use simple, standardized, plain-language software source code licenses from the PolyForm Project. Please see the table below for the upcoming changes: Why now? AppsCode started as a commercial entity to accelerate the adoption of Kubernetes and containers in the Enterprise. We launched a number of open source products like Voyager, Stash, KubeDB, KubeVault, Kubeform, etc. Consequently, we began receiving many feature requests, bug reports and general support questions via our GitHub repositories and public slack account.

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