Secure Secrets - A Cloud-Native Approach made simple with KubeVault

Summary AppsCode held a webinar on “Secure Secrets: A Cloud-Native Approach made simple with KubeVault”. This took place on 12th Jan 2022. The contents of what took place at the webinar are shown below: Deploy TLS Secured VaultServer Enable SecretEngine Create Database Roles Manage User Privileges KubeVault CLI in Action Q & A Session Description of the Webinar It is required to install the followings to get started:

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Introducing KubeVault v2022.01.11

We are very excited to announce the release of KubeVault v2022.01.11 Edition. The KubeVault v2022.01.11 contains major improvements of the KubeVault CLI for better user experiences, cert-manager integration for managing TLS, clean-up of the unseal-keys and root-token along with the VaultServer when the TerminationPolicy is set to WipeOut, newly added Expired phase for SecretAccessRequest based on TTL or admin side revocation, as well as few bug fixes. We’re going to demonstrate some of these improvements below.

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