Kubernetes Backup and Restore - A Complete Solution

Over the last few years, we’ve progressed through the initial excitement and adoption stages of Kubernetes. As businesses adopt Kubernetes in production and the number of Kubernetes clusters and applications expands, it becomes necessary to have a data protection solution for their business applications and microservices. As the deployment of Kubernetes in the production environment creates new organizational and operational challenges, the conventional backup and restore solutions won’t be effective here.

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Monthly Review - May, 2022

Releases Announcing KubeDB v2022.05.24 We are pleased to announce the release of KubeDB v2022.05.24. This post lists all the major changes done in this release since the last release. This release offers some major features like MySQL Semi-Synchronous Replication, MongoDB Arbiter, PGBouncer, MariaDB Schema Manager, ProxySQL, Redesigned Redis, Elasticsearch V8, OpenSearch Dashboard, etc. It also contains various improvments and bug fixes. Link: Introducing Stash v2022.05.18 We are very excited to announce Stash v2022.

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Running Production-Grade Databases on Kubernetes - Challenges and Solutions

As containers are taking over the world of software development, Kubernetes has emerged as the platform that lets developers seamlessly deploy, scale, run applications, and manage their life cycles. Kubernetes is a DevOps game-changer since it allows teams to focus on applications and deployment rather than worrying about the underlying infrastructure. Given the multi-cloud environment in which DevOps teams perform, Kubernetes abstracts the cloud provider and enables enterprises to build cloud-native applications that can run anywhere.

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