Managing MySQL Semi-Synchronous Cluster Using KubeDB

Summary On 30th March 2022 Appscode held a webinar on “Managing MySQL Semi-synchronous Cluster using KubeDB”. Key contents of the webinars are: Semi-synchronous Replication steps to setup Semi-synchronous replication Creating and Managing MySQL Semi-synchronous cluster using kubeDB Automatic failover of semi-synchronous cluster using kubedb Description of the Webinar The webinar starts with a discussion about various MySQL replication technologies. Then we discuss the details of MySQL semi-synchronous replication. Describe its nature and then move on with what to do if we want to set up a semi-synchronous cluster and the difficulties we will be facing regarding doing things manually.

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Manage HashiCorp Vault in Kubernetes Native Way Using KubeVault - Webinar

Summary AppsCode held a webinar on “Manage HashiCorp Vault in Kubernetes Native Way Using KubeVault”. This took place on 12th August 2021. The contents of what took place at the webinar are shown below: What is a secret? Managing secrets in Kubernetes. Consuming external secrets in Kubernetes Managing Vault in Kubernetes (Kubernetes native way) Operator over Helm charts KubeVault Introduction & Features Demo Deploy VaultServer using KubeVault Operator Enable & Configure Database SecretEngine Mount Dynamically generated credentials in a Pod using CSI Driver High Availability & Disaster Recovery Q & A Session Description of the Webinar The webinar starts with describing how to manage secrets in Kubernetes and the lackings that Kubernetes has in doing so.

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Introducing KubeVault v2021.08.02

We are very excited to announce KubeVault Enterprise Edition with the release v2021.08.02. The KubeVault v2021.08.02 contains various feature improvements and bug fixes for a better user experience. It also comes with a KubeVault Community Edition which is free of cost but only limited to the default namespace. Install KubeVault KubeVault is a Kubernetes operator for HashiCorp Vault. The Vault is a tool for secrets management, encryption as a service, and privileged access management.

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