Kubeform - Provision cloud resources using CRDs & Terraform

Kubeform by AppsCode is a Kubernetes operator for Terraform. Kubeform provides auto-generated Kubernetes CRDs for Terraform resources and modules so that you can manage any cloud infrastructure in a Kubernetes native way. You just write a CRD for a cloud infrastructure, apply it and Kubeform will create it for you! Kubeform currently supports 5 top cloud platforms. These are AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Digitalocean and Linode. The key features of Kubeform are:

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The case for AppBinding

Kubernetes has become the de-facto orchestrator for the cloud native world. Kubernetes upholds the philosophy that the core should be small and allow developers to write their own extensions. One way to introduce new resource types is using CustomResourceDefintions (CRD) (originally known as ThirdPartyResources). Using CRDs anyone can define a new resource type that behaves like standard Kubernetes resources. This allows anyone to write a controller for custom resources and capture operational knowledge in a software form.

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Get Up and Running Quickly

Deploy, manage, upgrade Kubernetes on any cloud and automate deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.